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Blender Bottle Sling

Looking for a stylish and functional Bottle sling? Search no more than the Blender Bottle sling! This piece is superb for carrying water and snacks with you on the go, the stylish black and green materials are sure to set your style apart from the rest of the crowd.

Cheap Blender Bottle Sling

The Blender Bottle Sling is a fantastic way to keep your bottles cold or hot, without having to carry around a huge bag of cold water! The beautiful Blender Bottle Sling presents a colorful Bottle bag and insulation on the front, making it facile to carry, the back is produced of spandex fabric, which insulation and weatherproofs the bag. The bag can hold up to 28 oz of water, making it a sterling fit for a Blender bottle, this stylish Bottle Sling features a smooth Blender Bottle art on a stylish and durable cover. The cover also includes a water holder, the cover is moreover a first rate place to store you or this is a top-grade water Bottle bag for your blender! It is produced of lightweight spandex and provides a bright blue color. It is likewise lined with fleece to keep your Bottle from getting wet, the material also features blender-logoed Bottle connecting cord for straightforward data communication. This water Bottle bag is fantastic for your smoothie, coffee, or juice maker, this Blender Bottle Sling is an unequaled surrogate to keep your Bottle in good condition! The insulation ensures that your Bottle always cold, and the water droplets are iceberg-sized. The holder is again effortless to put on and off of your blender, making it a top-of-the-line for when you're working on a project or need to take a drink without taking off your overall clothing.