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Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked

This is a beneficial replacement for the Cracked Ninja Blender pitcher, it is manufactured of durable plastic and renders a screw on sides to make it facile to store and access. It is in like manner dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning.

Pitcher Blender

This is a Pitcher Blender that's been through the grates, it's been in the sun and rain and ice. It's been blended with love, now, it's time to share the desire with your Blender friends. This Pitcher Blender is fabricated of high-quality plastic and is equipped with an 72 oz, can of Ninja oil. It's uncomplicated to clean and is practical for making delicious smoothies, this Ninja Blender Pitcher is a Cracked eagle transparent plastic, it is square-top with a chamfered bottom and a top. It is of uniform size over its entire length with a small opening at the top for a mid-sized bowl to sit in, the bowl is in like manner grants a small opening at the top for filling. The bowl is then onto the top of the Pitcher with a small hill of metal that offers been poorly designed because it is possibly cracked, the hill is actually so small, it is barely recognizable as a hill. This is a Cracked Ninja Blender Pitcher that is available for purchase on the market, it is an 72-oz. Blender Pitcher that is meant for use in the Ninja mega kitchen system, while it is only a simple crack, it is ensure to the fact that this cup will need to be replaced. It is located in a location where it could have broken down, this is a dangerous area for a Blender Pitcher because it could lead to effortless cooking or potentially crack the Blender itself. This is a product of its time and its intended use, this is a valuable, collectible object that should not be lost or damaged.